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My Journey from within

My commitment is to partner you to JOURNEY HOME 
to good health, emotional well-being and mental balance. 

Since early childhood in Hong Kong, I had a natural talent for calligraphy and still-life drawing and in my practice, I merged with beauty, stillness and peace. My artistic practices cultivated a calming presence which I later found to be healing for others.


Building on this gift for art and beauty, I read Architecture at University of Cambridge. I was hungry for western culture yet my Director of Studies pointed me straight back to my own roots and introduced me to The Watercourse Way, the ancient wisdom of Taoism. Here, the door toward my spiritual development swung wide open and I began to explore eastern philosophies, Tibetan Buddhism and Homeopathy. 


My spiritual development deepened in my 20s when I found Shadow Yoga, where I developed my own practice, attended extended retreats and studied the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. In my 30s, my spiritual practice sustained me throughout my professional career in the corporate environment, where I encountered countless women who lost touch with themselves in the name of competition and survival.


In 2010, during a retreat on the Holy Isle near the Isle of Arran, I was guided to see my time would be better spent in the spiritual healing of others and myself. So I trained the Centre for Homeopathic Education and graduated with a First Class degree BSc (Hons) Homeopathy, whereupon my path to healing truly began. Somehow, I was called to heal others through healing myself.


In 2017, whilst running my practice at Neals' Yard Covent Garden and working at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in London, I was introduced to Brandon Bays, who has guided me to listen to the voice within and discover the true potential that is lying dormant in my being. 


Most recently, I was awarded the Diploma in Acupuncture at the School of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture with Dr. Daniel Keown, an A&E doctor turned acupuncturist, who is pioneering The Acupuncture Hospital in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

My mission is to lovingly, respectfully and selflessly share this wisdom - 

the teacher in me is to shine through in all my actions.


I invite you to get involved and I invite you to speak the truth that is in your heart.


With love and light,


Journey Home

Journey Home

I work with individuals who are looking to heal themselves from within. You may have debilitating chronic conditions, experiencing low self-esteem or feeling that you are stuck-in-a-rut in relationships. My work goes to the very core of this sense of self - it explores the make-up of this identity, identifies old patterns which are no longer valid and, therefore, allows true freedom and self-worth to flow from within. Working in a one-to-one private setting, I hold the sacred space and guide individuals to examine their internal wiring, understand how these default wiring came into being in the first place, make conscious decisions about them and rewire as necessary so that physical healing and emotional transformations are instigated effortlessly from within. 


From this place of empathy and rapport, homeopathic remedies are used to detox at a cellular level and allow your life force to heal the body naturally. The use of  Iridology and Acupuncture channel palpation are insightful windows to access your bodily wisdom and inner oracle.


What people say


M.N. (London)

22 Feb 2024

“ I’m excited with the new remedies. This first month's treatment with different symptoms showed me how close I can be from the cure as it’s clear to me that we are treating the root cause. It’s been 3 years that I didn’t know where to start, felt lost and miserable. But now I feel I’m on the right path and I’m confident we’ll get there! Thanks for helping me on this journey, Rosanna.” 

E.S. (Merseyside)

27 June 2023

“The Journey work that I am doing with Rosanna is unlike any therapy work I have done in the past. The very powerful guided exercises are getting to the deepest core of my issues, and allowing insight, acceptance,understanding and forgiveness. I think it will be very difficult to repeat old, and familiar habits which bear and cause pain after this. This work certainly is transportative- in that you cannot help but arrive at a different understanding and perception of what has come before. Rosanna's nature is so calming, so insightful , that you feel safe and comfortable to be any way you need to be. Rosanna's vast experience and education in multiple modalities looks at the 'whole' being... soul, heart, mind, body. It's an all-encompassing healing experience. I am very grateful to be doing this work, to be on this journey with Rosanna.” 

M.G. (Surrey)

7 February 2023

“I am glad I found Rosanna at just the right time. I kept very well throughout my four cycles of chemotherapy for breast cancer and I do feel homeopathy helped eliminate the nausea. I found that Rosanna had a good knowledge of the side effects of chemotherapy and her remedies made my journey very comfortable. She dealt with the emotions I was feeling and with the physical side effects. I am still taking remedies to minimise side effects of oestrogen blockers and feeling very well generally. ” 

J.O (Wiltshire)

10 January 2023

“Rosanna, you make people’s life bearable in the darkest of times and help us all find hope and contentment. I am so grateful to you” 

E.A. (Croydon)

5 June 2022

“I do feel so much stronger. Very encouraged that I was able to get up off the floor yesterday - something I haven't done for years. I went onto my knees on carpet - usually too painful - and with one hand on the coffee table managed to get to my feet in one movement and unaided  So delighted. Thanks for all your help, Rosanna.  It is really making a difference.” 

C.N. (Chelmsford)

9 Feb 2022

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for the first session – I’m not sure what happened but it really really helped. I left your office with a skip in my step and I was suddenly so focused and for the first time for ages, I wasn’t feeling lethargic but felt I had gone up a gear and sped up.  I have had so much more energy. What has been even more amazing since that day, is that I am no longer waking at 3am with air in my stoma bag. The earliest I have woken was 6.30am one morning but generally sleeping so much better, having more dreams – which isn’t always so good – but  going the whole night without air is brilliant. It literally just stopped that night after I saw you." 

J.S. (West Sussex)

12 May 2021

"I went to see Rosanna for the first time more than a year and a half ago, trying to reach out for genuine healing due to many personal, and health issues. I was delighted that Rosanna is incredibly understanding, calm, compassionate, and patient. I cannot begin to describe how much my life had changed since I first started on my healing journey with her. I began from being completely lost, in a place of darkness with a multitude of problems relating to my physical health and mental wellbeing. But now, thanks to our sessions I have learned about self-love and began to live my life outside of the darkness. Rosanna's mastery of her art, her invaluable knowledge, and her guidance have helped me finally start living as my authentic self and thriving as an individual. I have highly recommended her to both family members and friends." 

A.S. (Surrey)

9 Jan 2021

"I have had amazing results with Rosanna following a widespread outbreak of contact dermatitis / eczema. My understanding is that Homeopathy treats the underlying causes of the imbalance / disease in the body and Rosanna is brilliant at talking through all the possible causes be it stress / diet, etc in a calm, patient and caring way. I would have no hesitation recommending Rosanna, after a severe outbreak of eczema in the summer, my eczema has now completely cleared up." 

M.C-F. (London)

26 April 2020

"I can’t even begin to express how much Rosanna has helped me in all aspects of my life. She is incredibly patient, caring and super gentle in the way she guides you through your journey process. In the 11 months that we've been working together she has helped me realise and understand certain patterns that stagnated me, face and overcome unresolved past issues allowing me to let go of a lot of baggage. But most importantly, she has helped me understand and love myself more and I couldn't be more grateful. So, for that and everything else she does, I always say she deserves a monument." 

M.S. (London)

28 May 2019

"I am grateful for Rosanna’s expertise and her gentle, unique way in which she practices her art. It seems to reach the deep crevices, of the many aspects of my being. It feels nurturing and right for me. I feel safe, in her capable and incredibly knowledgeable hands." 

M.T. (London)

21 March 2019

"Rosanna’s approach of the Journey treatment is very gentle and effective. She worked with me on a few sessions where I was able to accept and recognise traumas which have been holding me back in developing my life and career. As a direct result, my work is today much more focused, targeted and successful. I am very grateful to have met her and can highly recommend her. " 

L.R. (Chelmsford)

27 March 2019

"I have been seeing Rosanna for around 7 months and in that time I have made huge leaps in my mental and physical wellbeing. The work she has done with me has been so gentle, it is only when I look back each time I meet with her that I realise how far I have come. Thank you for all of your wealth of knowledge and your ability to see what it is I need to progress on my journey." 

S.C. (London)

17 Oct 2018

"After reading the book "The Journey" I was curious to follow the Journey process. Rosanna was prompt in her reply to my enquiry and made the process easy for me to follow over the three sessions.  She has a soothing voice igniting my imagination and I was able to really explore the issues I wanted to deal with. I would highly recommend her as a Journey Practitioner for anyone requiring clarity on their issues." 

S.T. (Chelmsford)

19 Sept 2018

"I have started developing numerous food allergies after  taking various antibiotics for sinus infections. I discovered Rosanna through a search on alternative cures for allergies, after getting nowhere with my GP. Following two consultations and three months of remedies, I have experienced a huge improvement regarding my allergies and my general well being. Rosanna takes time to understand the root of my allergies and continues to suggest further treatments."​​​​

Healing Modalities

Healing Modalities

Treatments & Assessments

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In this age of Quantum Physics, Homeopathy can be seen as the new nano-medicine. The energetic signature of our symptoms are cancelled out by similar signatures of natural elements and thus allow your own vital force to heal. Natural and side-effects free, homeopathic remedies are suitable for everyone from newborns, pregnant women as well as the elderly. In your first consultation, your case history is taken fully and remedies are used to treat the person holistically. 

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Journey work is guided introspection that brings about insights, healing and transformations. By focusing on the body consciousness, you will be guided to arrive at complete peace and stillness where healing happens naturally, perfectly and automatically.​  



Iris analysis is an invaluable tool to assess aspects of your health. Photos of your irises are taken and overlaid with organ maps in order to check for insufficiencies, tissue degeneration and deeper pathologies.​ 



From the moment of conception, the growth and development of the physical body is guided by Qi 氣 - a subtle crystalline network of bio-electricity. By palpating along this network and needling the relevant acupuncture points, imbalances and blockages are identified and eliminated.

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